Divorced Parenting

Divorced Parents – Don’t Wish They Were Older


Image2As I was writing my last post it reminded me of how I used to feel years ago when my girls were younger. Do you remember when your kids were all under 5 years old and you were divorced and didn’t know how you were going to make it through the day? And maybe you caught yourself saying “I wish my kids were older”. I know, we have all had those moments, but if you are at that stage now please listen closely. I know you have probably heard all of your friends tell you how fast they grow up. And I’m sure you are thinking that is not true, at least you feel that way when they are wearing you down everyday. But I do remember telling myself that years ago. I would always try and catch myself and to always try to live it up while I could. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and feel like you can’t wait until they are out of the house…but don’t do it. Because soon that time will come and you won’t remember how it went by so fast. I just had one of those moments the other night. I was playing with my girls outside and they are just growing up so fast. I was trying to remember when they were both younger and I was having a hard time because everything went by so fast you forget to live in the moment and remember things. Even the hardest times. One day when both of my girls are in high school, I will be wanting to pick them up and hold them. And right now when they jump into my arms I think I’m going to break in half but I sure will miss it. And I also know that high school is coming and soon we will be wishing they will be past that awkward stage, but just like when they were young we need to remember not to wish them older. Because then they will be off to college and we might get to see them every couple of weeks or only when they need money. Then they will get married and start a family and then it will only be on their schedule. I can see it now and it is going by so darn fast. I wish I could slow it down rather than speed it up. So what is the moral of this story? No matter what stage you are in with you kids, remember to enjoy it. Even the hard times. Because soon you will wishing you had them all back.

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