Divorced Parenting

Divorced Parents – Growing Up


Image1Something happened the other night that hasn’t happened in a long time. Every time I drop my girls off I immediately miss them. And I am one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have a court ordered schedule which means that I can see them whenever I want. So I get to see them at least 2 or 3 times a week even when it is not my weekend with them. So as I was having this feeling, I couldn’t help but think about all of the parents that don’t see their kids as much as I do and how hard it must be. Something was different this last time. My girls are growing up and getting older and even though they still love their Daddy, it was almost like I could see what was coming. My oldest daughter is 12 now and she jumps into my arms and “lets” me pick her up, at least until my back gives out. And my youngest is 9 and still wants me to carry her which is awesome. I know some of you are wondering why that is so wonderful so I will tell you why. One day soon I won’t be able to pick either one of them up and that will be a sad day. And I think that is what happened the other night. When I dropped them off after dinner we were playing outside for a while and I just took a minute to just watch them. And it occurred to me that they are growing up so fast. We had just had a fun Dad’s night out and were playing outside and I just had this sadness come over me that it was coming to an end sometime soon. Soon they will be in high school and things will be different. Sure they will still tell me how much they love me but it will be different. They will want to hang out with their friends more and more and Dad’s night won’t be quite as special as it is right now. I’m going to hang onto it as long as I can.

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