Divorced Parenting

Divorced Dad Humor – Parking Across The River


imagesQ48S0BTTI really enjoy telling this story now, but it sure wasn’t funny at the time. I actually have 3 or 4 stories regarding parking problems but they will better if they each have their own post. I think I’ve already told you that I lived Lawrence, KS for a few years after my divorce. Lawrence is about 30 minutes from my girls and is really not that bad of a drive. And my girls really liked it when we lived there. I just happened to live there in 2008 when the Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA National Championship. I have many more Divorced Dad Humor stories for that too, and I will tell them eventually. Now, to make this story even funnier, I actually went to college at Kansas State University which is KU’s arch rival. So needless to say I was not rooting for KU to win. However, they did, and shortly after their triumph they had a parade downtown for the team. Remember that my girls live about 30 miles from Lawrence and I was with them all of the time for the first few years. So of course I was with them on that Saturday of the parade. I lived downtown and had a pass for a parking garage right next to my building, but naturally it was full on the day of the parade. Not only was the parking garage full, every parking spot in the entire downtown area was taken. My only option was to actually park in a parking lot on the other side of the river about a mile away. I am not happy about this. I was with my girls all day and I just happened to get back in town right when the parade was starting. So I ended up parking across the river and started walking. Now, here is where it gets even better. By the time I was able to park and walk back to my building the parade was actually ending. Can you guess where this is going? As I was walking up to my parking garage people were starting to pull out, because the parade was over of course. My timing was impeccable! And here is the best part! All of my friends were unavailable to give me a ride until later that evening, so I had to walk back to get my car. Are you kidding me!

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