Divorced Parenting

Divorced Dad Humor – Round Abouts


images[2]I believe that the city I live in has more round abouts per capita than any other city in America. I’m sure most of you know what these are, but in case you don’t, they take the place of a traditional 4 way stop. Oh yeah, and I guess you can look at the picture…forgot about that. Anyway, my girls love them. Well, one of them does anyway. We have been playing this game where we go around a little faster than usual and they go “WEEEEEE” and lean into each other. So one day, me being the fun Dad that I am, started going around more than once. I thought it was funny and the girls were laughing hysterically so I started doing it every so often just out of the blue. Well, now my oldest begs me to do it all of the time but my youngest is now getting embarrassed. The last time we went around 4 times! It is so funny that my youngest is embarrassed. So the next time you want to have some fun with your daughters try the round about…you may just be glad you did.

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