Divorced Parenting

Divorced Dad Humor – The Claw Machine


images[7]Like many Divorced Parents I have long ago settled into a nice routine with my girls. And Tuesday evenings mean dinner with Dad. It used to be Wednesday, but that is for another time and place, perhaps in another post. We have our favorite places, but their are only a couple that have the dreaded claw machine. I know I brought this up briefly in an earlier post, but I thought I would go into a little more detail. Mainly because I don’t think I’m the only parent in this boat, and if you can’t laugh at this kind of stuff you are taking life way too seriously. Most dinner nights I usually will have a place in mind because I find that usually heads off any “disagreements” between them on where to go. But occasionally I will not have thought that far in advance. I know that I am in trouble when my oldest says “Hey Dad…where are we going for dinner?” I know exactly what that means…it means that we are going to Steak & Shake. Have you ever looked back when you were a kid and remember something you always used to do that is now coming back to haunt you? My Dad used to always tell me that my favorite two words were “Hey Dad?” And he always new that those words meant $20. It was always “Hey Dad, can I have some money for a movie” or “Hey Dad, can I have some money for dinner”? I think of that all of the time now when I hear “Hey Dad, where are we going for dinner” and know that it is going to cost me a minimum of $5. Well, I will give my girls credit, they definitely know how to play the game. We go out to Grandma’s house at least a couple of times per month on Saturday or Sunday and the girls love Grandma’s house. But do you know what they love even more? Yep…taking Grandma to dinner to a place called Reed’s. Anybody care to take a guess at why they love taking Grandma to Reed’s so much? That was way to easy…but you guessed it. They have a stupid Claw Machine! And doing what Grandma’s do, they spoil their granddaughters. That means at least $5 each. I know, I know, you’re thinking that I’m an idiot for letting them play that dumb game because it is such a waste of money. And you are right about one thing, it is a complete waist of money, especially after $10 and no winners someone breaks down into a meltdown. I won’t name names, but my 9 year old. I could have bought both of them a much nicer stuffed animal for the money. But I will leave you with two thoughts. First, it really is cheap entertainment. And second, Grandma loves watching them play that stupid game and seeing her smile and laugh is worth every penny…especially since they are her pennies!

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