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Divorced Parents – Ringing My Doorbell


In life there are certain things that you just cannot prepare for. Unfortunately, many of those things come from divorce. For example, I remember the first night that I left the house I stayed with a friend for the first couple of days. That next morning I needed to pick up my girls around 10:00am. Now, I …


Divorced Parents – Finding Your True Friends


I find this topic to be one of the hardest to write about for many reasons. But probably the biggest reason is that it affects so many people who go through a divorce and most of the time for all of the wrong reasons. I will explain what I mean a little later. So what do I mean …


Divorced Parents – Do Whatever It Takes


Sometimes when I hear people say “I’ll do whatever it takes” I wonder just what they mean. Life is hard sometimes and doing whatever it takes can be an overwhelming challenge. Especially when you are divorced with children. As I’m writing this article I realize that it is coming from a divorced dad’s perspective, but …

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Divorced Dad Humor – Dinner Night


You will not believe this story, but it is true. And I defy any of you to comment on this and tell me it has happened to you! It was Wednesday evening last night which means dinner with my girls. We have our favorites which include Freddy’s, Taco Johns, Spangles, and last night was Steak & …

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Parenting Is Hard Work


Parenting is hard enough when your are together. But it is so much harder after you are divorced parents. There are now so many new variables that you never thought about before. What happens when you have more than one child and they are sick? What happens when you are sick and don’t have anyone …

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Divorced Dad Humor – Swim Lessons


You will find that I like to tell funny stories if you like my blog. And even have a section called Divorced Dad Humor if you want to check out all of my stories. I have a ton of them too so I will post about them frequently. I haven’t decided whether this story is …

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A Common Sense Divorce


If you remember in my last article I told you that it didn’t matter why you got divorced. All that matters now is taking care of your children the best you possibly can. Sounds like common sense, right? Not exactly. When a couple gets divorced without children the process is pretty simple. I said simple…not …

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Why We Got Divorced


  The big question is why we got divorced. Well, the answer might surprise you. When you are first separated and then become divorced parents it is hard enough dealing with day to day stuff. But it seems that a day cannot go by without being asked the dreaded question…so what happened? Why did you get …